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  • How long does it take for the carpet to dry?

When carpets are steam cleaned properly, they should be dry in 2 hours. In many cases, the rooms that we clean first when we start a job are dry before we leave your home.

  • Can you clean urine out of my carpets?

We Can! We use a specialized treatment process to eliminate urine salts (which cause odor) from your carpet and the pad underneath. First we saturate the carpet down to the pad. Then we “water claw” the treatment out of the carpet and pad. Then deodorize.

  • Can you get red stains out?

Yes. Although red stains can seem troublesome because they are a dye stain, there is a specific process to remove them. In fact, we can remove any stain that you can identify.


  • Is your machine better than the machine I can rent from the store?

IMG_0646-smIt absolutely is. The water pressure and vacuum that our machines provide are far superior to that of the rental machines, which can leave your carpets over wet and not very clean. The advantage to having more power is that we can do more with it.

  • Can I walk on the carpet before it’s dry?

You can, but it is not recommended. The main concern is tracking dirt onto the freshly cleaned, slightly damp carpet. We use shoe covers when we clean though, so if you must walk on the carpet, we can provide these for you.

  • How long does the cleaning process take?

This can vary according to what is needed in the process. If we are looking at a straight forward cleaning with minimal stain removal, a 2-bedroom, hallway and living area can take 2-3 hours. With significant soiling, the same job could take up to 4 hrs.

  • Why should we apply carpet protector?

Carpet protector creates a barrier to moisture. This allows a window of time to clean up spills before a stain has a chance to set, and this includes red dyes. Just wipe up as soon as the spill occurs. It also protects carpet from premature wear.

  • Can you clean my wool carpet and wool rugs?

Yes we can! It is important to know what kind of fiber is being cleaned, so we test and check before every job. If we are cleaning natural fibers such as wool, a different cleaning process is used.

  • How often should I clean my carpets?

It is recommended to clean once every 6 months to maintain the look and health of your carpets. This is especially helpful in a mountain environment where snow during the winter and mud/dirt during the summer are commonly tracked into your home.

  • How often should I clean my upholstery (couches/chairs)?

We recommend cleaning upholstery once a year. You sit on your couches and chairs for many hours of the year; this leaves body soils in the fabric. This can leave a dull even dirty looking appearance. We can bring them back to life and restore vibrance.