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Clean Carpet is Healthy Carpet. Healthy Carpet = Healthy Family.

mikeimg1Did you know that your carpet is an air filter? Over time as it filters the many particulates from the air including pet dander and dust from the “outside” world, your carpet can affect your health.

Hi, my name is Mike Will and I would like for you to know a few things about your textile investments and your family’s health: It is recommended that you clean your carpets at least once and as many as twice or three times a year. And Vacuuming is a MUST! If you do not vacuum at least once a week, you run the risk of damaging your traffic areas by walking on trapped dirt that cuts (dirt is sharp) the face of the carpet fiber creating “wear” or “traffic” areas. This damage is irreversible. If you have waited too long in between maintenance scheduled cleanings, your “clean” job that you are looking for has become a “restoration” job. The good news is that we can bring life back to your carpets, and in most cases you will be amazed by what we can do with a heavily soiled carpet, but the chances of a noticeable wear pattern in the traffic areas of the carpet are high. So Make sure to enlist our help in mapping out a strategic plan to maintain your carpet and upholstery BEFORE this happens to your beautiful, EXPENSIVE investment.

Upholstered furniture is recommended to clean at least once every year to year and one half, so twice within a 3 year period to remove all of the body soils, food and pet dander that accumulates. Your furniture is dirtier than you think! We can also reapply protector to your carpet and upholstery. This helps to keep stains from setting. Just wipe up spills, and voila! No stain. We offer stain guard warranties as well. If a stain sets before you can get to it (in a timely fashion) and wipe it up, we will come back at no charge to clean and reapply protector again. For up to a year. Protector also helps to prevent premature wear of your textiles.

Leather furniture should be cleaned on the same schedule as upholstered, at least twice within a 3 year period. You want to remove the soils, apply a protector, and finish with a 3rd step conditioner to prevent your leather from dulling and cracking.

It is also recommended that you replace your high efficiency filter in your furnace every 3 months to keep the particulates that are floating around in the air to a minimum.

Here at A Great Clean,  your family’s health is our top priority. We work hard to make your carpet, tile, stone and furniture as healthy and beautiful as it was when it first arrived in your home. And when we leave your home, we make sure that you are smiling. We will educate you regarding the cleaning process so that you are more knowledgeable of what has been done, and in our experience this helps everyone to “Breathe easier”.