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Tile & Grout / Stone Cleaning

Keep your floors looking great!

imagesCY9GZWMJEveryone loves the look of new tile and grout floors. However over time the new look you once loved starts to become dirty and faded.  Even with regular cleaning dirt, grease and other substances accumulate in the tile and grout. The grout has microscopic pores that allow dirt and other substances to become imbedded below the surface, where it can’t be removed by mopping alone. Tile does require professional maintenance through a qualified tile and grout cleaning specialist. Hiring a contractor to clean your grout is the best step in lengthening the life of your floor and retaining its youthful appearance.

The Cleaning Process

A Great Clean has professional equipment designed to clean deep down into the tile and grout lifting out the dirt and grime, helping to restore the heavily soiled grout lines to like-new condition. Our cleaning method actually retrieves soil rather than spreading it around. First, an alkaline cleaner is applied to loosen and emulsify soils and stains often found on tile and grout. Using our van-mounted cleaning system we pressure wash the surface while simultaneously extracting the soiled solution, leaving your floors virtually dry. Second, if any stubborn dirt remains in the grout line a second step treatment is applied and pressure washed again. Where necessary, IF necessary.

The Sealer

Now that the floor has been cleaned and dried let one of our trained technicians apply a premium grout and stone sealer. This sealer protects against water and oil based stains and soil, minimizing the chances of future stains. Grout is stronger when protected with this durable sealer keeping your floors looking great longer.

Serving all of the Summit and Wasatch counties including Park City and Heber City.

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